Every investment is created individually for each client.  Every client undergoes a thorough and complete process to help us chose the exact investment right for each client. The process is exhaustive leaving nothing to chance.  Here is what to expect of that process.


Who Are You?

  • What is your goal for this Investment
  • Total Net Worth / Funds Under Management
  • Experience and Tolerance for Volatility
  • Timeframe for Return
  • Tax Implications for Trading


What we do before we BUY

  • Full Fundamental Financial Analysis
  • Create our internal Research and Model
  • Determine Leadership position, must be #1
  • Technical Analysis - Identifying Attractive Buy points
  • Due diligence of Key Management and Board
  • Legal DD to avoid excessive legal issues
  • Company visit (if possible/needed)


Investment and Profits

  • We build a Significant position (up to 5%)
  • We sell and buy options to improve return
  • We trade up to 25% of position for profits
  • Monthly Report on Position
  • Quarterly Update on Company